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Thursday, February 28, 2008


I think that the doctor must really love our family this time of year. Our bills have probably paid their mortgage. (Not really, we have good insurance.) Yesterday, it was my turn to see the doctor. By the time I saw her, I had a migraine for 21 hours. Not. fun. My mom drove me because I lost my peripheral vision. I could use it but it was extremely painful when I did. After some blood work and a meningitis scare, they sent me home with some nice pain medication. I have not slept that good in years! Today, I am making an appointment with our chiropractor - praying he can get rid of this pain in my back. I am not too sure what is causing it, maybe it is part of the migraine.

Once I got to feeling better, I dropped Zoa off to see Go, Diego, Go, with my sister, her fiance, and their son, Ethan. Evidently, it was a great time! Sorry I missed it Tara! Macie had plans to stay the night with Jeremy's mom, so I took her there.

Since I felt better, or at least well enough to function, I took advantage of my alone time and went to The Buckle. I bought 2 pairs of shorts, both bermudas. That is the closest thing to shorts that I will wear. Did I mention I have a complex about my legs? Here is one pair, the other was not available online.

They did not have the jeans I wanted in Extra-Long, so Jeremy will be picking them up for me when he travels for a rugby game this weekend. I love these jeans!!

After dinner at Outback, we went home and I crashed. Aaaahhhhhhh.

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