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Friday, January 11, 2008

Back to school, back to school...

I have decided to start taking classes again. I already have 40-something hours but I am ready to finish it up and get a job that I love! My job now has everything I like - flexibility, good pay for what I do, somewhat easy, although somewhat time consuming tasks - but I don't love it, as in, don't love it enough to do it the rest of my life. I want to do social work. I have wanted to do this since I have been 14 years old. The pay would not be that great until I get my master's, which I plan on doing as well. I really want to be a child therapists, or focus on children anyways. I want to help children deal with death, divorce, school...etc. I was going to do psychology, but I can do the same thing I want to do but with a degree in social work. There are a lot more options for jobs with social work, as opposed to psychology.

I signed up for part time classes at a community college. They are Internet classes so I will not be driving a lot and I can do them in the evenings. I have done this before and signed up full time, and with the girls and work and having a home, it was too overwhelming. I am taking 7 hours, which once I get to 50-60 hours, I will transfer everything to William Woods University. They are located in Fulton but 'branch' out all over the sate. They have an accelerated program to get your bachelor's in two years going 2 nights a week. Once that program gets going, I will be done in roughly 2 years. Then I will get my master's. But I will cross that bridge once I get there.

So, it's back to school for me. Reminds me of that song on Billy Madison. Ha!

Other than that, everything has been nothing but normal. We decided to get the girls in ballet/tap. So, that will start up the week of Feb. 4. I am really excited to see them in their little tu-tus. Macie will begin this time in Pre-ballet and Tap and Zoa was going to begin, but Monday nights are not good. (I already committed to a church group.) In August, they will both be going with a recital in May! I cannot wait. Zoa is just now getting to the age to start extra activities. I hope she likes it. We went their to sign up and as we were leaving, she wanted to stay and have a dance party. So cute! Macie has not found her niche yet so hopefully this will be it. We have tried soccer and gymnastics so far, but nothing she absolutely loves yet. Maybe I will get lucky and they will love the same thing! One can only pray!

Between work, school, the girls and their stuff, Herbalife, and church, I should have a few minutes of each day to myslef! But, everything will come out better when it is all done, so I am happy!

Last night, the girls stayed with my parent's and here is the conversation between Zoa had my mom:

Zoa: What's that, Maw-maw?

My mom: That is my badge for work. I need to put it on a different string because that one is old.

Zoa: Yes, maw-maw. That is dwangwous. (Dangerous)

My mom called me and we were laughing so hard! I love their little words!

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