"" Three Ladies and a Dad: Spreading the Christmas Cheer

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Spreading the Christmas Cheer

Last night, as planned, Jeremy and I completed most of our Christmas shopping. (Thank you Whitney for watching the girls!) After Target, we went to Sam's Club to see if they had any toys. While we were browsing, I went to see if they had Eat, Pray, Love. The author, Elizabeth Gilbert, has been on Oprah two times discussing the book and I have always wanted to get it and read it. After having marriage problems that ultimately ended in divorce, she lost focus on herself and went on a worldwide journey to find herself again. She went to Italy to eat, India to pray, and Indonesia to learn to love again.

I picked the book up and went to check out. Jeremy stayed back to pay while I went to get the car. He came out and told me that a family wanted to buy it for him. After much hesitation, and explaining that it was his wife's book, he allowed them to purchase it. We told each other we have to pay it forward now.I saw them leaving and after telling them thank you, they told us to have a Merry Christmas.

Isn't that what Christmas is all about?

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