"" Three Ladies and a Dad: The Joy of Christmas Shopping

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

The Joy of Christmas Shopping

Tonight, Jeremy and I will be on a quest to start and finish our Christmas shopping. For some reason, I did not start early, as in the day after Thanksgiving. Now, we are lagging. The girls have their little things they are into. So I am sure Macie will be getting a lot of Hannah Montana stuff.

She also like High School Musical. I have to admit, it is a little strange to think my child likes something with "High School" in it, but it is better that some other stuff she used to like. You can only watch Dora so many times before you start to lose your mind!

Zoa is another story. She is getting to that point where she likes Dora, Diego, and Boots, oh my! She loves Diego, the poor child has always preferred males to females, so I am sure she will be recieving a lot of him. She is also enjoying baby dolls more. She knows how to 'feed' them, 'change' them....and so on. They both really want this baby doll that swims whenever you put her in water and since I like getting them bathtub toys, I bet they will get this. It is a cool concept, as soon as she hits the water, she takes off swimming. At least that's what she does in the commercial. We will see if she really 'takes off' at home. This could be a big disappointment.

And this, this is something I would buy if I had money and desperately needed something to spend it on. The Wii is sooo much fun!

Ahhhh, the days of a disposable income!

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