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Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Pure bliss...


My dad is brilliant. Although he may never admit it, he is one of those people that just know a little bit about everything and has never had an official class for anything. He just knows it. Computers, building, cars, woodworking....anything.

He put together this slideshow for Jeremy and I. He learned how to do this months ago but this was his first chance to do one for our immediate family members. Even though it is fuzzy on this blog, it is amazing and priceless. The songs you will hear were all a part of our wedding. Thanks you and I love you dad!

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April said...

gger_03@yahoo.comI just want to say that I LOVE this!! Your Dad did a great job!!!! I saw a few of me in there too! LOL But there was a pic in there that was funny. It was his parents and you and him and Jer's mouth is WIDE open, I cracked up!!! this is good though