"" Three Ladies and a Dad: It's official...I'm a soccer mom.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

It's official...I'm a soccer mom.

Macie recently started her first soccer season. Even though she started mid-season and has had only one 'real' practice, she isn't doing too bad. She is a pretty timid girl to begin with so we just have to get her brave enough to get in and get the ball. She loves it though (and I love the uniform) and it gives her some physical exercise so all in all, we are happy with it. Their last game is this Saturday so I get my free Saturday's back to clean house. :) That makes me happy!!! Until spring when it starts all over again.....

We had to take Little Miss Zoa back to the doctor. That darn knot is not going down. Well, it has barely went down. Her doctor was afraid since it was soft, it could be a scull fracture. What!? They wanted her to come in and get an x-ray done. No big deal, right? Wrong! You try getting a 2 year old to lay still so a nice lady can take your picture with a big machine with a bunch of buttons that turn and make a light shine in your eyes. Good luck with that! We got the x-ray done (finally!) and thankfully, no fracture. She does however have a hemotoma. Basically blood has gathered in the bump and we have to wait for it to re-absorb back into her body. Poor Zoa. I think for her birthday she is getting a helmet.

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Trisha said...

Welcome to the club. LOL Our season is over Max played for Jackson he has his last game tonight. It's really entertaining to watch the kids.