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Sunday, July 18, 2010

I have to admit, it does look pretty stinking cute.

Saturday night, Zoa fell off a tricycle. After the normal amount of tears and a small bag of ice, she was fine, laughing actually. Jeremy and I figured she just jammed her thumb. It was swollen but she could move it in every direction.

The week continued on, swimming lessons, playing outside, cleaning...normal day to day things. No complaints from Zoa whatsoever.

On Wednesday, I noticed it was still swollen and had some bruising so I thought I would call the doctor just in case.

We headed off to the doctor that afternoon...

...and the nurse practitioner wanted to have an xray, just in case.

The doctor walks in and I knew it was broke. The doctor was full so we had the appointment with the nurse practitioner. Uh oh. She asked what happened and we told her...

"How big was the tricycle?", she asked.

Come to find out, she broke the bone that connects the thumb to your wrist. That is why she was able to move her thumb so good! They put it in a wrap and made the appointment to see the orthopedic doctor the next day to get a hard cast. She was definitely embarrassed about it now.

We headed there the next afternoon while Macie was at a play date. They were running behind (go figure!) so what else do you do while waiting? Make goofy faces!

Once we got back, we waited some more...

...and then got called back to start the casting.

"Hot pink, please" was her color of choice.

After getting it wrapped, Zoa was good to go. She is loving it!


My Husband's Watching TV... said...

Ouch! That sounds like it hurts but it also sounds like she's a trooper.

Mom to 3 QT's said...

I hope Zoa's thumb is better very soon!! I recognize that nurse too..my neighbor. By the way, it is pretty dang cute!