"" Three Ladies and a Dad: needles and drug tests

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

needles and drug tests

Nursing school is coming!

After almost two years of waiting...classes will start February 22. This week I have been through a TB test (oddest thing I have ever seen!), tomorrow I have to get a flu shot, and yesterday I had to take a drug test...

Macie asked, "Will you do okay mommy?"

"Yes, Macie. Don't worry about my drug test."

That is definitely a conversation I did not think I would ever have with my eight year old.


Whitney @ I'm Lovin' This Life said...

LOL Funny stuff!

April said...

That is hilarious!! lol Glad to see you are finally getting to go do what you want, I am sure you will do great in all of this!! Good luck!!!

Hattie said...

Funny conversation! Congrats on school!

melissa said...

AWESOME!! i'm so proud of you! (for going to school AND for passing your "test" ;-)