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Friday, November 13, 2009

Christmas shopping...

Without touching our Christmas fund, I have managed to get a good portion of Christmas shopping started.

My list includes:
Dad -
Niece #1
Niece #2
Niece #3
Nephew #1
Nephew #2

And then the girls...this is the earliest I have started shopping in my life. I have been shopping since about June/July for Christmas and it helps so much. Normally, Jeremy and I would just go to Target and drop way to much cash and be done. No more!

So far...

I got this game for $5.00 at Target!

These two movies costs about $15.00 total...

I ordered two cupcakes sets through Scholastic to accompany the girls' aprons...

I ordered these on Amazon using promotion codes and payed about $20 total...some of which used gift cards from Swagbucks...

Jeremy picked up a dress similar to this right after Halloween for Zoa...$5.00 at Toys 'R' Us!

I have a few other things stashed away but cannot think of them at the moment.

I just want to say it again because I am so excited...I have not even touched our Christmas account!

This weekend, I think I may start wrapping. I am spending the day with one of my best friends who is due is 15 days with her first baby. (Say it with me...AWWEEEE!) She is on bed rest so I am going to go hang out with her all day Saturday. Maybe I can take my camera and learn how to actually operate it manually!

Have a great weekend!


Cecilia said...

Great work!! I have quite a bit of my shopping finished. I am so excited about it too. Shoot, I even have some gift wrapped and tagged! :)

Whitney said...

Such a good feeling!

Traci said...

I was so stoked to get the Monsters/Up movie combo for that price as well...Did you know there's also a $4 rebate for Up if you buy Ronzoni Pasta which I love (I prefer the smart taste fiber-enriched white stuff, but I'm not a fan of whole wheat pasta).