"" Three Ladies and a Dad: "Can I do that?"

Friday, October 23, 2009

"Can I do that?"

{My camera is broke...so I apologize for the pictures. They are taken from my phone.}

Our girls love to help in the kitchen. Zoa just climbs right up on the counter top and starts stirring. Macie loves to read the directions. Lately I have spent a lot of time in the kitchen and I think they have enjoyed themselves more and more the older they get....they much rather be helping in the kitchen than playing with toys.

I got to thinking...

Aprons! So I got on Etsy and started looking. I found these and I fell in love!

After a few chats with the owner of the store, I placed the order, hoping they would be just as cute in person.

I am extremely happy...

These little cupckaes are adorable!

They are now hidden, stashed away from tiny hands...waiting to be wrapped in Christmas paper.

And speaking of Christmas, I have quite a few presents bought. Is it too early to start wrapping presents?


melissa said...

those are SOOOO CUTE!!! i'm checking out that store right now!!

Whitney said...

SO CUTE! Great idea!

Mom to 3 QT's said...

They are even cuter in person!

Cecilia said...

No it is not too early to start wrapping gifts! I started last weekend!! We have so many nieces and nephews. I didn't want to do it all at one time. The aprons are too cute. The girls will love them.

freckleface said...

too cute. I am actually thinking about making aprons and selling them in my shop...hmmmm