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Friday, August 21, 2009

Well, that was a nice little break...

Or maybe not.

It has been a big week! I had a MRI, a doctor's appointment, Macie's first day of 2nd grade (!) and another doctor's appointment an hour and a half north.

We will start with the first...

MRI came back. The gist of our appointment with my regular ENT went something like this...

"The lump that is in your mouth is a lymph node on top of your saliva gland. I don't think you have cancer. Most tumors do not move. We can remove your entire gland if you want. It will leave a scar on the outside of your face. If not, I will see you in a month."

Jeremy and I left confused. At first, the doctor called back with the MRI results and said it is the gland that is the lump. Not the lymph node on top of it.

Once they bring up that C-word, I get a little more cautious.

We left thinking we want a second opinion, just to be sure. Yesterday, we got in to another doctor who has a office at Barnes. He said there is a small chance it is cancer, although he is leaning more toward the fact that it is not. He wants be to see his colleague who deals with saliva gland tumors. He said if anyone would know, this doctor would. That appointment is on September 17 at Barnes.

I love doctors...

In my heart, I know everything is fine. I am not too worried about it. But since that word came up by the doctors, Jeremy and I wanted to make sure. Since the doctor in St. Louis brought it up to see his colleague, I am relived I am not hallucinating. The MRI did show something...they are just not sure what it is. I am just ready to be done with doctors, this lump to go down and get on with it!

On to better things! MJ started second grade! Can you believe it? I will have pictures soon, but not now. She loves it...her teachers, seeing her friends...everything.

I love that she loves it.

We have a concert it St. Louis this weekend...Nickelback, Theory of a Dead Man and Papa Roach. So excited...it will be a fun group with all our friends.

Fall classes started back....which means I am off to read my chapters. Ugh.

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Jenny.Lee said...

What a confusing explanation...a second opinion is definitely a good idea. I hope you find answers soon! Glad MJ had a good start to the school year!