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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

She's got the fever...

Zoa is sick. No symptoms really, other than a fever. I thought today was the end of it...until around 2:45 when the fever reared it's head again. Good thing I headed to Target to pick up one of these because our old one was not working right.

Yesterday, I took her to the doctor...her fever was 103.7!! They tested her for strep and Influenza A & B, both which came back negative. They said either one could be a false negative and they are surprised the influenza test came back negative, but what are you going to do?

She is fine when the fever is gone, but once it comes back, she is done...on the couch, covered up, no energy and lethargic d-o-n-e.

(This was taken today at 6:15 pm.)

I guess it has just got to run it's course...the doctor said I have to call tomorrow if she still is sick.

I would much rather be sick though.


Jennifer said...

Sounds like what my daughter had recently. We spent almost 9 hours at the ER because it happened over the weekend and she was so hot and would barely come down to 102-103 with motrin. Scary. It was just a virus and nothing they could treat.

Bless their little hearts when they're sick like that. Hope Zoa gets better soon!

April said...

I know exactly what you are going though since Kacie just went through the pnemonia and then this after that. I hope she gets to feeling better fast!!!! Poor thing!!! Keep us updated.

Whitney said...

Poor baby :( Give her kisses from Aunt Ee-Ee!