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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Leslie Patricelli's Books: A Review

I remember when I would be shopping for books when the girls' were not quite old enough to pick out their own. Bright colors, easy reading and simple illustrations was what I would look for. It probably is not a coincidence that the girls prefer books similar to this now that they choose their own.

Recently, I received two books to review. Leslie Patricelli is both the author and illustrator of the books...Baby Happy Baby Sad and Higher! Higher!. Both books are loved by Zoa. She is four and although Macie (7) is a bit old for them, she loves to read them to Zoa.

Baby Happy Baby Sad is exactly what you would think it would be...it tells the story of different ways a baby could be happy or sad. The colors are attention grabbing for their eyes and it great to read to your own baby or toddler. The hard pages make it very durable for their little hands.

Higher! Higher! is a fun book that focuses more on pictures. It's character uses their imagination to explore what she could be swinging toward...a rocket ship, space...etc.

Both of these books tell the story mainly through pictures. I think it would be a great way to interact with your child by asking questions about the pictures.

Gotta have it? Higher! Higher! retails for $15.99 and Baby Happy Baby Sad retails for $6.99. (Both of these qualify for free shipping at Amazon!)

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