"" Three Ladies and a Dad: Why not?

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Why not?

Boredom has set in. I need something to chat about...any questions for me? I know I have done this in the past but then come time to answer, it was kind of a bad time. Life got crazy and it slipped to the back burner. My apologies...

Besides boredom, I tried the Sublime Bronze tanner tonight. Hopefully, I will wake up with some colorful legs. Maybe colorful was a bad word for the look I am going for. I just hope I have some color! I will let you know what I think of it.

Alright, I am off to go look for P90X. It got lost in the move and we are missing us some Tony Horton.

Bring it!


Jennifer said...

Favorite Quote?

Favorite Time of Day?

Favorite Recipe to Make?

Adventure you would like to go on but haven't yet?

April said...

What did you give up for lent, if anything?
And if you did, how are you doing with it?
Have you and Jeremy decided if you are going to adopt any time soon or go ahead and try for another?
What are some of the major difference between your daughters?

April said...

OH and hwo was HSM3? I like them all so far and I get excited when we get to watch it! lol I am waitingon it to come in the mail.

girlymama said...

how did you pick your kids names?
(i love hearing how people decided on names!)