"" Three Ladies and a Dad: Q & A...Part Dos.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Q & A...Part Dos.

Melissa (who cracks me up...totally reminds me of myself!) asked...

How did you decide on your kids' names?
Funny stories! Macie came pretty easy. At first we could not decide on anything! Then one day, Jeremy was at work and called me asking me what I thought of Macie. Here is how the conversation went:

Jeremy: Hey babe...about the baby's name...do you like Macie?
Alaina: Yeah, that is really cute! I like it!
Jeremy: Are you sure?
Alaina: Yeah...
Jeremy: Okay, I gotta get back to work. Love you! Bye!

You always hear of couples spending hours and hours, researching baby names, discussing, asking everyone what they think...not us! We always have been fly by the seat of our pants, so why not with this? With her middle name, 'Jae', my mom came up with it. It is a small combination of letters from mine and Jeremy's name. Macie Jae...it fits her perfect!

With Zoa...another story. I am still angry at Jeremy!
The entire pregnancy, Zoa was Abigail Paige. Macie would talk to Zoa while she was still in my stomach and call her Abigail Paige. I loved the thought of having a little Abi running around.
Fast forward...I am getting induced.

Jeremy: What are we naming her?
Me: Ummm, seriously? Abigail Page.
Jeremy: I am not really sure if I like that...
Alaina: %%*&@^#$@!&(*^% (Just kidding!) What? We have called her that this whole time!
Jeremy: I think I like Zoa, after my grandma.

Pause here...moms, you know by this point, I do not care if we name her Esther, I just want this baby to have a name!

Alaina: Fine, I I just want to call her Abi.
Jeremy: Okay...well, let's make Zoa her first name, Abigail her middle name and call her Abi.

After having the baby, Jeremy immediately starts to call her Zoa. And it stuck. Ugh!! But she does make a cute Zoa, if I do say so myself.

That's that...how we decided on our girls' name. :)


girlymama said...

we thought that gracie was a boy, so we called her 'baby jack'.
because she was a boy and we were going to name her jack.
then the doctor said "its a girl!" and then we had a "baby girl" for three (3!!!!!) days while we tried to come up with a girls name ;-)

April said...

I remember coming to see you at the hospital and me picking her up and saying, "Hi Abigail" and you say, "uh.....we changed her name (look at Jeremy). It is Zoa Abigail but we are still going to call her Abi!" As we sat in there he kept calling her that and you kept looking at him and telling him that ppl were going to call her that. She is a Zoa when you look at her though!

Mrs. Dirnberger said...

I did get your donation....sorry I am late for telling you. It is much appreaciated. Did you want a shirt?? This month has been crazy and I should have told you earlier

Curious Cousin said...

I like the name Esther. You know, no one has that name so it would be so unique. Maybe that could be in the line up for the next baby.....hehe Esther Elaine

Curious Cousin said...

My phone is messed up. I can't answer calls and sometimes I can call people. I guess it didn't want me to talk to you 2 times in 1 day...will have to type to talk.

Alaina said...

CC...you are crackin' me up! I will call you tomorrow...hopefully, your phone will like me and let you talk to me.