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Saturday, March 7, 2009

I've got the fever....

I am officially on my way to getting back to school. I am so ready for a real job it is not even funny! I applied to a community college to get some more of my general studies classes out of the way and the best part is one of my best friend needs the same classes so we can car pool! Any time by yourself with a girlfriend in the car is considered girl time to me so I will be spoiled! I can't wait to get on this new schedule with school, even though I won't start officially until May. :)

It is so pretty today! Even though it is partly cloudy, the high should be lowers 70's which is great in my book. Jeremy has to work so the girls and I are cleaning...which to be honest, is not that bad as long as the windows are open and you can feel the breeze.

I better get back to cleaning...and I have to keep an eye on some Ebay things I am bidding on. I cannot find a store that is selling khakis in a size 8 slim...any suggestions? I found one pair that is new on Ebay so hopefully I will get them...Macie is running out of length in her current school pants. Let me know if you find any!

Have a great Saturday!

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Whitney said...

Yay.. I'm so glad you found someone to take classes with! I'm sure you guys will make a blast with it.

I think we decided to come down tomorrow in the afternoon to go by her grave. I will give you a call ahead of time.

Yay for good weather!!

Love you!