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Thursday, February 19, 2009

Friday Night Out

Woo-hoo! I finally have my internet back! I am not going to lie, I was missing my e-mail so I set my phone up so I can check it at night. It just was not enough. Now that our house is smaller, there is less to clean so I have a feeling I will have more time on my hands. It will just feed my addiction to this computer! Nonetheless...

Tomorrow night we are off to see our first 3D movie with the girls, Caroline. I am really excited...there have been so many 3D movies out lately and this is the first one we have a chance to see. It might be a bit much for Zoa, but she loves her movies so I think she will do fine.

Saturday, I am having a girls day, or afternoon. Facials (hopefully if we can get an appointment) and then a late lunch/early dinner of sushi. Yum! Desera and I plan on bringing some sushi back to the boys and then we are just going to have a low key night with them. Looking forward to it!

Oh...be sure and get your 20 free prints from Walgreen's! It is Friday, February 19 only and you have to use code ONEDAY. I am not sure if you will have to pay anything if you pick them up in the store, but you might want to see so you can avoid shipping charges. And just because I love magazines...
2 free issues of Family Circle
Free subscription to Soap Opera Digest
Free subscription to Elle Decor

That's all for now...I hope you enjoy your weekend!

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April said...

So how was the movie? Some of our friends went and seen it and said it was pretty good, except the male! lol Just thought I would ask how it was.