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Sunday, February 8, 2009

Bargain Meal of the Week: Schnuck's


Hello and welcome from 5 Dollar Dinners!

For those of you who aren't familiar with 5 Dollar Dinners, Erin is on a mission to make dinner every night for less than $5.00. You should check her out if you are in the need for good food that does not cost a fortune. Myself, along with several other people, are contributing to 5 Dollar Dinner's new feature, "Bargain Meal of the Week".

Without further ado...


Bone-in Chicken Breast - $.89/lb.
Organic Baby Carrots - $1.50
Fresh Broccoli - $1.50

For a family of four, purchase 2 lbs. of chicken breast, allowing each person 8oz., for a total of $1.78. Add to that 1 bag of carrots for $1.50 and 1lb. of broccoli for $1.50.

Total: $4.78

Meal Idea:
Delicious Baked Chicken and Roasted Carrots & Broccoli

I hope you enjoy this bargain meal! Be sure and browse all of the Bargain Meals.

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