"" Three Ladies and a Dad: Would this count as a present for Jeremy?

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Would this count as a present for Jeremy?

This past Saturday, we had my work's Christmas party. The owner's did the games a little different this year. We had five rounds of questions. A few weeks ago, we were told to list two things about ourselves that nobody else knew. The first round was trying to put everyone with their two facts. I came in first at this round. So far, so good. Next, was the second round which involved questions about our office plus general questions about the company. The third round was to see how well you knew your bosses. Each person got $1 for each correct answer. I did not do so well in this round, but since I was in the bottom three, I was able to get a final question correct and come back up into the top three. The next round was asking more general questions about the company. I went on to the next round where the winners were guaranteed a prize. The final round asked one question, one that I knew nothing about. I looked back at Jeremy and guessed on the answer. And I won!!

I was so excited! I won a 32" LCD TV! Since we already have a 52" plasma in the living room, this will be going in our office. Not bad, heh?

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