"" Three Ladies and a Dad: Target vs. Chuck-E-Cheese

Friday, November 7, 2008

Target vs. Chuck-E-Cheese

Last night, Whitney and I went to Target with the girls. We spent ten minutes in the $1.00 section before making our way back to the food for what I needed. I needed one thing and Whitney needed a few things. While we were browsing for some cheese sticks for a snack, this is all I heard:

Mom, I'm hungry.

Macie is being mean.

Mom, go back!

Go baaaaaack!!!


Zoa won't let me have this!

No, I don't want it now. *Pouty face*


Finally, I just left. I made a mad dash to the pharmacy to pick up a prescription for me. (I should have asked if they sneak me a couple of anti-insane pills in there!) Whitney and I check out and I walked out of there, with nothing but a prescription for me, a can of Pringles for the girls, and three $1.00 notebooks for the girls.

On the way back home, Whitney said, "I can see why you dread shopping."

To put it bluntly, I do.

I explained it this way to Macie when we got home:

"You know when we go to Chuck-E-Cheese? Now think about if we all went in there and I told you that I wanted you to come out to the car with me, or I made you go grocery shopping with me instead of playing, or if I told you you could not play in Chuck-E-Cheese because I needed you?" "Tell me how that would make you feel? TELL ME!!!" (Just kidding on that part!)

I asked her if she understood what I meant and she said she did. Now if she understood enough to be more patient when we shop, only time will tell. I plan on having the same conversation with Zoa.

Am I wrong for wanting them to be this way? I am all for buying them things, but if I want to make a quick run to Target, or just look around for that matter, is that too much?

I understand they are children. Their attention span is next to nothing. But also, they are getting to the age where they should be more patient, learn respect, take turns...etc. I just don't want to have that kid.

They are perfect angels when I have them one on one. Fun, patient and really a blast to hang out with. But it is when you get them together, it is as if their goal is to break down mom.

I am truly exhausted. Any suggestions?

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Tara said...

Oh do I understand how you feel!!! My son is 4 and going shopping with him.. well... it literally makes my blood pressure rise lol When he is just with me or just with my husband he is fine. Kids are so fun..and yet.. can drive you out of your mind. lol I think they outgrow these things with our consistent teaching and guidance but the growing process is the hard part for everyone!!