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Friday, November 21, 2008

The Secret Mountain Book Collection: A Review

Books are officially a hit in our house. Zoa loves to pretend to read, Macie just plain loves to read now and I...well, I only have time for magazines. However, when I received not one but three books from The Secret Mountain I was excited. Why? Because they have CD's to accompany them! If you have children, you know that kid songs are a huge help on car rides.

I reviewed three books:
Down at the Sea Hotel - A book with a good poetic story. The CD is a great for bedtime because it is very soothing and comforting. It will be played at bedtime from now on!

Dream Songs, Night Songs- This multi-language book explains to children that no matter where you are when you fall asleep, you can go anywhere in your dreams. It serves as a great explanation of the songs on the CD.

A Duck in New York City - Oh my goodness. I could sing every one of these songs to you right now if I had to. 'Laundry Bag' is Zoa's favorite and 'Seed in the Ground' is Macie's favorite. My sister and I was seriously laughing out loud to 'Belly Button'. (I guarantee she is laughing now reading this.) The title tells the story; it is about a duck who dreams of going to The Big Apple, aka New York City. He finally gets the chance to make his dream come true.

All in all, this was a fantastic set that won my girls over. The books are short and sweet and therefore you, as the reader, do not lose their attention. They are beautifully illustrated and have vibrant colors and bold lines. The CD's are great because they are a mix of fun and relaxing. This means they have a new CD for the car, bedtime and just anytime. The singers are very 'kid-friendly' as well.

To purchase any of these books and view the rest of The Secret Mountain's collection, just check out their website.

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