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Friday, November 21, 2008


I just received my first award from Kara. She thinks my blog is fabulous!

I have to admit, I just come here and type what I am feeling, sometimes wondering if I should event hit the 'Publish Post' button. Ssometimes I wonder if people think, "Why is she posting that?".

So, thanks Kara...you giving me this award makes me feel like I am not as big of an idiot as I sometimes do! Ha! Ha!


I must pass this award out to six people. So here we go, in no particular order:

1. Whitney--You deserve a smile. (And you need to share your news with everyone. I am so excited for you guys!) Your blog is fabulous, but would be even more fabulous if you became a regular. Hint, hint.

2. Drea--I love your blog. And your photography is stunning! I only wish you lived closer to me so I could take advantage of your talent!

3. Girlymama-- Your blog always brings a laugh. I think we would get along great, and if I knew how to sew, it would be that much funner. And I would definitely help you with the kids so you could sleep.

4. $5 Dinner Mom---She post great recipes and budget friendly meals. I have several planned for my menus and the ones that I have tried are successes in our home!

5. THAT Mom-- Hilarious stories that real families can relate to! And a weekly Thursday post that is sure to make you laugh!

6. Amy-- This blog has anything you might need. It's a great tool for moms!


We are THAT Family said...

Alaina-and now you've made my day! Thanks so much!

Amy said...

Awww, thanks, Alaina! You made my day- I needed that today. You know how to cheer a girl up :)

Drea said...

awe thanks! that is 2 sweet of you! ill have to blog about it. If your ever in NC just let me know! id be glad to photograph ur fam

girlymama said...

thanks!!! so sweet!!!

you're fabulous too :-)

$5 Dinner Mom said...

Thanks Alaina! I really appreciate it!