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Monday, October 27, 2008

Menu-Plan Monday

I'm back! After a small break, I am finally back to planning meals. It is such a relief already knowing the weeks will be easier with a meal planned.

Monday: Whatever...
Tuesday: Rigatoni with Spinach & White Bean Sauce and a salad
Wednesday: Chicken and Brown Rice, with Mixed Veggies in the Crock-Pot
Thursday: Vegetable Soup and Crackers
Friday: Crescent Mummy Dogs, Macaroni & Cheese and Corn (Happy Halloween!)
Saturday: Out to eat...Sushi, I'm sure. Jeremy and I are on a sushi kick.
Sunday: I will throw in a double batch of Crock-Pot Fried Rice before church. Perfect for lunch and supper.
Snacks: Yogurt, Graham Crackers and Vanilla Scented Granola. I also want to try this as cereal. Yummy!

Head over to Laura for more menu-planning ideas! Also, be sure to visit my giveaway, either by clicking here or scrolling down just a bit.

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April said...

I made those crescent mummies about a week ago for Kacie and a few of her friends and just let me tell you, they LOVED them!!! They had to play with them for a while first, of course, and pretend all kinds of crazy things but they were a big hit for sure. (Dylan just smiled at me and told me I was cheesy! haha He liked them though)Kacie already asked if we could make them on Halloween but with Dylans work schedule and all I dont know for sure if I will be able to or not so I might have them tomorrow night instead but not sure. Hope your family enjoys them as much as mine did!