"" Three Ladies and a Dad: The Man's Take on Coupons

Monday, September 29, 2008

The Man's Take on Coupons

If you are a couponer, you have to read this guest post titled: I Married a Couponaholic at Frugal in Virginia. I stumbled on it and found it on accident, but I loved it!

I printed it out for Jeremy and he was cracking up!


April said...

I went and read this and that is FUNNY! I had to print it out too! The Uncle Bens rice thing hit home, I had to have Jodi come and read it too and that is when she cracked up too! Dylan about had a cow when he opened the mailbox and there was a box of rice in there! He had to make fun of me and tell everyone, it was hilarious! Oh and the toothpaste thing......I know what he is saying!!

April said...

OH and we have RAZORS galore at our house!!!