"" Three Ladies and a Dad: A few freebies plus a Walgreen's money maker!

Sunday, September 7, 2008

A few freebies plus a Walgreen's money maker!

Get a coupon for a free Padlock at Sears Hardware Stores.

Get three free issues of O, The Oprah magazine.

Get a free sample of Fruit Roll-Ups.

Walgreen's has Robitussin for $3.99 this week. If you buy three, you get $10 in Register Rewards (RR). Buy three and use these $3.00 coupons.
Three Robitussin - $11.97
Three coupons - $9.00
Total - $2.97 plus $10 in RR
You can only use this deal one per transaction, so if they let you, do a few transactions.

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April said...

Thanks for the info! I just wanted to say that you were on my mind most of the weekend and lots of thoughts and prayers were sent Up for you and yours. **Oh and I was so excited to get the email about Macies artwork again!!!!!