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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

It's that time again...and shopping!

Macie officially starts kindergarten first grade tomorrow. I cannot believe how fast life is moving along. I don't think I will cry this year - unlike last year - but I know it will be just as hard. First grade sounds so much older than kindergarten.

Zoa is still plugging away at anything she can get her hands on. She has not hid anymore...hopefully, we taught her the lesson about hide and seek - make sure people know you are playing!

The last few weekends have been super busy with the open house and preparing for it. Friday night, I got a wild hair and decided we should paint the living room. My mom came up Saturday and helped Jeremy (I cannot paint!) and it looks so good. Thanks mom and dad! There are still a few spots to touch up, but that won't take any time to do. Sunday, we just finalized everything for the open house. I cleaned everything that suffered while we were busy on Saturday while Jeremy mowed the yard.

The open house went well. No offers so far, so I might as well not go into it. The realtor said the house shows great and there is really nothing more we can do. Just wait and see. So, we wait...

Tonight, I am off with the girls to hit up a few stores and then heading to the mall to find MJ some shoes. We need black, brown, navy and a pair of tennis shoes.What do you think of them?

I found these from JCPenney. I think they are all cute! I love picking out shoes for the girls. I think I'm diggin' the top and bottom ones. They look like a good mix of dressy and casual.

These are from Payless. And they have their BOGO sale right now. I thought the navy mocs would be cute with her navy skirt we got her. The argyle shoes are so preppy and fun! They would be good with khakis...oh...I love having little girls to dress up!

I try to pick out cute shoes and fun socks to spice up her school uniform a bit. Jeremy thinks she can just wear tennis shoes everyday...he is such a guy!

Have a good day!

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