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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Money Saving Mom Blowout!

I know that if you have read this blog, you have heard me tell you about or referenced Crystal at Money Saving Mom. You see, when this little blog popped up in my Google Reader as a suggested blog based on what I like, those three little words captivated me. Who doesn't want to save money?

That is where my obsession with coupons and getting the best deals came in. She made it so easy and fun! I have to say everything I have learned with saving money, originally started with her. Before I found her blog, I never new those $.50 coupons were in all reality, gold.

Crystal has a little big sale going on today only! TODAY ONLY you can get an incredible ebook package from MoneySavingMom.com--over $100 worth of money-saving ebooks, homemaking helps, and encouragement for only $5.97! This package includes:

Supermarket Savings 101: How to Drastically Cut Your Grocery Bill This includes six audio downloadable audio lesson and a 57-page downloadable handbook. ($17.97 value)

Simple Tips for Successful Home Management This includes a 32 pages instantly downloadable ebook. ($5.97 value)

What to Do While Waiting for Prince Charming : Encouraging Young Women and Their Parents in the Incredible Potential and Possibilities for Unmarried Women This includes a 70-minute downloadable audio presentation and an audience question and answer segment at the end. ($3.97 value)

What My Parents Did Right : Encouragement for Weary Parents from a Grateful Homeschool Graduate Includes a 56 minutes downloadable presentations and an audience question and answer segment at the end. ($3.97 value)

A Proper Tea Includes a 33 page ebook ($4.97 value)

Make Your Own - Simple Crafts and Decorating Includes
65 pages of detailed instructions and illustrations and color pictures. Instantly downloadable ebook. ($6.97 value)

Simply Centsible Breakfast Includes instantly downloadable17 page ebook. ($4.97 value)

How to Start Your Own Business Includes instantly downloadable 80 page ebook. ($15.97 value)

Menu Planning Made Easy Inlcudes instantly downloadable 54 page ebook.($5.97 value)

Homegrown Business Includes instantly downloadable 80+ page ebook. ($15.97 value)

In Good Season : Autumn Includes instantly downloadable 41 page ebook. ($6.97 value)

The Bread by Hand eBook Includes instantly downloadable 41 page ebook with illustrations. ($4.97 value)

Momma's Guide to Growing Your Groceries Includes instantly downloadable 69 page ebook with illustrations. ($7.97 value)

Simply Centsible Suppers Includes instantly downloadable 20 page ebook. ($4.97 value)

Thriving on One Income Includes instantly downloadable 80 page ebook. ($7.97 value)

This is a steal! Run over here and check it out.

What makes this deal so good is that this ebook package includes the ecourse Supermarket Savings 101--this course alone is worth much more than $5.97 and will teach you how to drastically reduce your grocery bill. If your grocery bill is seeing the effects of the economy, this is for you. You'll learn how to cut your grocery bill by up to 50% or more and have fun saving money at the same time!

The $5.97 sale price is good today only. Tomorrow, it will increase to $8.97 and Friday it will increase to $11.97. The sale ends Friday at midnight.

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