"" Three Ladies and a Dad: Fresh Blueberries!

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Fresh Blueberries!

Saturday morning around 10:00, my family and I took off to pick fresh blueberries. I planned on getting some to make blueberry cobbler with, along with blueberry muffins to freeze for Macie to eat before school. The drive was expected to take about 30 minutes. Macie, Zoa and Ethan (my nephew) rode with my parents, and I rode with my sisters, Tara and Whitney.

Once we got into the vicinity of where we though the blueberry farm would be, we were lost. We stopped and asked three people that were working outside. One person we asked reminded us of an Amish man, another was a nice lady we believed to be from Mexico and a young man outside playing basketball.

The first two gave us wrong directions and the last person finally got us there.

Once we pulled up, this is what we saw:

Notice the little sign to the left: Closed.

Blueberries will just have to wait.

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