"" Three Ladies and a Dad: Vacation 2008

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Vacation 2008

This post has been long overdue, please bear with me...it may be a long one!

Day 1 - Day One was spent driving. Ten hours doesn't sound like a lot until you get to Memphis and realize you are not even halfway there! The girls did great in the car. Oddly enough, the worst time in the car for them was the first hour, all of which we spent getting the situated, comfortable, and making sure snacks and drinks were within their reach.
We made a pit stop in Jackson, MS for the night and took advantage of a Chili's gift card Jeremy won at work. Yummy! Why don't we have one of these!?

Once we got back to the hotel, Jeremy and I were going through our luggage, unloading just enough to get us four through until the next day. (Meanwhile, the girls were in the car, watching their movie.) I noticed a man walking up to us, as did Jeremy. He comes up to me, and proceeds to ask us a question.

Man lurking at hotel parking lot: "May I ask you something without you getting offended?"

My thoughts right about now: Is this a trick question. Hmmm.

Jeremy and myself: "Sure."

At this time, the man proceeds to reach out and shake out hand, introducing himself , as we introduced ourselves to him.

Before I continue, I want to all to know I try to be very non-judgmental of people and their sexuality, color, race, religion, etc. etc.

He then proceeds to tell us he is HIV positive.

He then goes on to say he is homeless and trying to get in shelter. His family is non-supportive. He tells us it is hard being an African-American, gay Baptists preacher son. (Got all that?) He tells us he is not trying to take money from our children, understands if we don't have anything, but if we did, that would be great.

Jeremy then goes on to say, "I have some cash but it is the hotel, Can I bring it to you?"

The man waited.

Once Jeremy and I got into the hotel, we discussed how much to give. Here is how we have always dealt with situations like this: This man may be a complete liar and may very well go spend any money on alcohol, drugs...etc. However, that is something he will have to deal with once he sees God's face. We feel we are doing a kind deed, taking what he had to say for face value, no lies or scams.

After discussing how much to give, Jeremy walks back outside, leaving myself and the girls in the safety of our room, and hands the gentleman $40.00.

He started crying, people. I tell myself they were real tears.

I hope and pray he didn't spend it on the above mentioned things.

But I do have a valid reason to think God was watching us while we did that...


April said...

Good for you guys! I know what you mean by not knowing if the man is telling the truth or not but like you said, it is not your place to judge. I think it is very kind of you to give up some of your vacation money for him. You were also setting a great example for your girls which is very important as well!!!

April said...

I want more!!! This is like just getting to a good part of a book or a movie adn the lights go out! haha Just thought I would let you know that but ya know, no pressure or anything :)