"" Three Ladies and a Dad: Band-Aids Anyone?

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Band-Aids Anyone?

(4) Neosporin tubes at $3.89 each. (On sale for $3.11)
(1) Band-Aids at $2.64 (On sale for $2.11)
(3) Band-Aids at 2.67 each (On sale for $2.13)
(1) Band-Aids at $1.97
(1) Band-Aids at $1.87
(1) Band-Aids at $1.77 (On sale for $1.41)
(1) Band-Aids at $2.69
(1) Band-Aids at $2.87 (On sale for $2.11)
(1) Band-Aids at x.xx (Don't know where it came from but I ended up with an extra!?)
(2) Johnson and Johnson No More Tangles at $3.29 each (On sale - 2 for $6.00)
(1) Carefree at $2.84
(1) Package of 3 cleaning cloths at $1.00
(1) Package of swimming pool toys $1.00
(1) Clean Well All Natural Hand Sanitizer Spray at $6.99 (Clearance for $3.49)
(1) Package of children's pasticware at $1.00

Total before Sales and Coupons: $56.79 (Wow!)

Coupons Used:
(1) $.50 off any Carefree product
(9) Band-Aids coupons found here and in my Sunday paper insert. The Neosporin coupons are here also. (Maybe I am overlooking it, but I don't see them anymore.)
(2) $1.00 off Johnson and Johnson
(5) $5.00 Target coupons in my Sunday inserts. ($5.00 off the purchase of three: Band-Aids, Neopsorin, Stayfree, Carefree, Johnson and Johnson and something else.)

Total after sales, manufacturer's coupons, Target coupons and tax:
$8.22 or a savings of 86%!

It really was all free, except for the last 4 items. I picked those up for some overage so the cashier would not get all nervous when the register would say my total was negative. You know how they can be...right, April?

I hope you still have the Target coupon because by using it, you can obviously stock up on some things.

Happy Couponing!


April said...

Ok well I wrote one earlier but my computer messed up. That is alot of coupons.l.......YAY Alaina! And yes I know what you mean.......grumpy/lazy cashiers...grrrr! haha But on another note, even with having 2 kids what in the world are you going to do with all those band aids!!! haha I dont know about yours but mine likes to put them on EVERYTHING, even when there is nothing but she thinks there is. But now she is not liking to do that for the time being because they hurt when they come off, but we will see how long that last. Oh the joys of kids..I LOVE IT!!!! I am supposed to go shopping today but we will see if all goes well, but I am going to get my coupon organizing underway just in case I get to go...IT HELPS!!!!

Mrs. Dirnberger said...

For some reason I can't print those coupons...Oh man I have been mad about it. The only ones I can't print are the ones where you have to install something.......makes me mad

Jacki said...

You are my hero!!! None of my friends get as excited about coupons, free stuff and rebates like I do.