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Saturday, June 28, 2008

Saturday's Event

Earlier last week, while eating corn on the cob, Macie's tooth that was a little loose suddenly became really loose. It had been loose for a while because about a year and half ago, she bounced right into a wall, knocking out a front tooth. This caused her other front tooth to be 'dead' and slightly loose.

Approximately 20 minutes ago, we went on a Diet Coke run. Macie has been teasing me the last few days, saying "Look, I pulled my tooth out!" I would look back and she would tell me, "Just kidding!".

This time she was not kidding.

"Mom, look! I pulled it out."

"No you didn't. Stop that please."

"No, really I did," she said, showing me the tooth.

It was my best mother moment of the year.

She said she just reached up and pulled it out.

I guess we the tooth fairy needs to go to the ATM.

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Whitney said...

Which one?! Guess the "tooth fairy" visited Jackson last night