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Wednesday, June 25, 2008


Here are a few rebates that I have found online the past few days/weeks, either from myself searching, Money Saving Mom, or Freebies 4 Mom. Some of them may be Satisfaction Guaranteed Rebates, but nonetheless, you can try them and if you don't like them, get your money back.

If you choose to start "rebating", I would use a chart or spreadsheet to keep track of them all. Sometimes, you might need to contact the company if you have not received your rebate. There are a few rebate software programs that are free to download, if you would rather have something like that. You would just need to search around. The blogs I mentioned above also suggest keeping a copy of the rebate form, and any items you may need to send in with it (UPC's, reciepts...).

I also wanted to share another tip - If you don't like something you buy, tell the company. (Usually, you can find the contact information on the company's website.) I have recently tried Seventh Generation's Dishwashing Gel and was extremely disappointed with it's outcome. (They said the reason is they do not use phosphates, something other name brands use.) I bought two of them so now I was stuck. I contacted the company and they are now sending me $10.00 back (more than what I paid for it!) plus 2 product vouchers for the Dishwashing Powder, which is supposed to work better than the gel.

And finally, here are the rebates, all of which are free after rebate:

Dawn Dish Direct Foam

Arm and Hammer Plus Oxi-Clean Detergent ($1.00 off coupon here.)

Yo-Plus Yogurt
($1.00 off coupon here.)

Scotch Brite Stainless Steel Cleaner or Cooktop Cleaner
($1.00 off coupon here.) I will definitely be giving this one a try, considering I cannot find a good cleaner for our appliances. Any suggestions for a good stainless steel cleaner?

Philadelphia 1/3 Less Fat Cream Cheese
(Instead of a rebate, they send you a coupon for a freebie.)

Noxzema Shaving Products

Hunt's Ketchup

LiveActive Products ($3.00 off coupon here.)

Here are some coupons I have found the last few days:

$10.00 off any bra plus a free cotton panty
at Victoria's Secret

Free Body Scrub with any purchase at Victoria's Secret

(They are also having their Semi-Annual Sale! I went yesterday and came out like a bandit!)

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Mrs. Dirnberger said...

Thanks for the coupons...its so funny b/c now I have my very own coupon book :) I would post them myself but I just send my friends to your site and let them hit your links!!! Thanks for doing all that !!! Oh and I will have to go V.S. soon :)
YOu should go check my blog out