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Thursday, June 26, 2008

It's about time...

I have had seven cars in ten years. Not always the wisest decisions, but Jeremy sold cars for a long time and knows everyone in the business. Therefore, we always got the best deals. He drove whatever we could afford after my car. He has always looked out for me when it comes to my cars, mainly because I transport the most precious cargo in the world.

Tonight, Jeremy reaped the benefits of putting the girls and I ahead of him. He finally got it.

The Cadillac CTSV. If you are unsure what the 'V' stands for, it's Corvette. The perfect family car for a dad: Four doors with a Corvette motor. It's a 6 speed, which means this girl cannot drive it. Bummer, huh, considering we have been drooling over these cars since the day we spotted them. (Kara, haven't we talked about this before?)

We got a good deal on it and our plan is to have it paid off within a year. (Don't call us to do anything - no offense. We are on a tight budget. Ha! Ha!)

I am so happy for him.

But now I have a question for my dad. Jeremy wants to know when your date with him and the car is.


Mrs. Dirnberger said...

OMG...I am super jealous!!! I always thought you would be the one driving the Caddy though...I guess Jeremy deserves it:) It is sweet. I can't have one though, we just did the whole paying our cars off and now we are stuck with them :( Which sucks b/c mine is 4 years old and I have the new car fever bad!!! Maybe one day you can explain to me who to pay a car off in a year and I can have a new one! Congrats on the car Jer

Mrs. Dirnberger said...

Real Quick..How do I blog, but not post it until next week?? I want to write but not post it until I am on vacation

April said...

Alaina......you will just have to LEARN how to drive this! haha It really isnt as hard as you would think, you can do. Congrats to him. Its really not that hard to pay cars off fast when you put your mind to it and are determined is it?!