"" Three Ladies and a Dad: A Small Sign Spring Has Arrived

Monday, May 19, 2008

A Small Sign Spring Has Arrived

Dirty feet. Any mom knows this is inevitable with children during the spring and summer months. Kids love to play outside and ours live in flip flops during warm weather. This picture was taken Saturday night about 9:30. We had been outside, literally, all day - since around 11:30 that morning. You could have not asked for better weather and we took full advantage of it.

Sunday, we were back at it. We celebrated our family's graduates and went to a picnic for Jeremy's work. Once again, the girls were in flip flops and ran around playing until it was time to leave.

Once we got home, my soon to be brother-in-law finished setting up our new computer and hooking us up to the internet while Tara and I clipped coupons. Later in the night, I told the girls it was bath time. Macie reminded me that they already had a bath and I told her it was this morning. Zoa then asked me, "We stinky again?". Yes, Zoa. Yes you are.

After their nightly bedtime routine, the girls wanted to lay down with us. After a few minutes of arguing, we made them a pallet on the floor beside our bed. Each night, they usually have a few minutes of talking before Macie finally tells Zoa she is going to sleep. Last night, it went something like this:

Zoa: Will you scatch my back. I hot.

Macie: Okay, but just for a minute.

Zoa: Ugh....okay.

(Whitney - any memories here?)

A few minutes later, Macie was given permission to stop "scatching". Then, I hear this.

Zoa: Who is the best sister?

Macie: Silence

Zoa: (Louder) Who is the best sister?

Macie: You are, Zoa.

Zoa: Who?

Macie: (Agitated) You are!

I couldn't help but smile.

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Whitney said...

LOL! I could SO see Macie and Zoa saying that while laying there. I just love them =) They make me smile..

And yes, definitely some memories!