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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Show and Tell

Good morning! Last night I went to Wal-Mart with the girls and had quite a few coupons and my ads to price-match. The cashier was frustrated with me (Oh well!) because I guess I was complicated. I went over a bit on the budget but once I got to the car, I noticed she charged me more by not scanning some coupons, scanning individual oranges instead of entering the price of the bag of oranges, and ringing up extra items.

Back into Wal-Mart. Without the girls. Jeremy met me and took them home and I walked out of Wal-Mart with $13.00 in my hand!

(2) LiveActive Cereal---$5.68 ---$6.00 Coupons---Profit $.32
(2) Smart Start Cereal---$5.00---$3.00 Coupon---$2.00 (Target price matched)
(2) Sure Deoderant---$3.34---$2.00 Coupons---$1.34
(1) Adidad Deoderant---$3.84---$3.84 Coupon---$0
(2) Colgate Max Toothpaste---$2.00---$2.00 Coupon---$0 (Walgreen's price matched)
(4) Bath Buddies---$3.76---$4.00 Coupons---Profit $.24
(1) Colgate Toothbrush---$.94---$1.00 Coupon---Profit $.06
(2) Cottonelle Kids Wipes---$4.00---$.50 Coupon---$3.50 (Walgreen's price matched)
(1) Scotch Brite Toilet Cleaner---$4.50---$4.50 Coupon---$0

Total Retail: $33.06
Total Coupons: $26.84
Total Spent: $6.22

Mom, are you proud?

Macie is officially on her last week of kindergarten. Pass me a tissue, would you? I cannot believe it! Play Day is on Friday, which she is super-excited about.

My dad is still working on the video and pictures of the graduation ceremony, but the moment it is done, it will be on here. I am thinking tomorrow, but I am not sure.

Have a good day! It looks like the sun might be trying to come out!


April said...

Okay where did you find the scoth brite toilet scleaner thing cuz I could not find it Friday when I went? And wehre are the bath buddies and cottenelle coupons coming from, are you holding out or am I missing them? haha When I went to Wal Mart on Friday we went grocery shopping and before coupon our total was 115 and after coupons it was 98.....we are good. It is time consuming but it worth it if you ask me and also depending on how you look at it, you are really "getting paid" for the time you are putting in looking for them or clippin them!

Whitney said...

I promise.. I will go with you! Once I'm not crazy busy with school.. it's on!

Anyways, great job! Can't wait to do it with you =)