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Friday, May 23, 2008

It's Go Time!

Oh my! Last night, we got so much accomplished. Because we are trying to sell our house, even though I wonder if it ever will, we touched up the entire house with paint. It was comical, since every hand print, smudge, or mark was two to four feet high. Perfect height for the girls. All night long, we were telling the girls, "Do not touch the walls!". Zoa walked down the hallway with her arms crossed the rest of the night.

While Jeremy was doing that, I finished all the laundry! This, in case you don't know, is a MAJOR FEAT in my eyes. I literally have no dirty clothes in my house right now. Tonight, I am washing beds so we will have have a clean bed to sleep in once we get back from Gulf Shores.

Tonight, the girls are going to stay the night with the grandparent's. Papa Dave asked Macie to go the the races with him and she is excited beyond words. This morning her first words were "Am I going to the races now?". Have fun dad and I almost guarantee Macie will want nachos.

Zoa wanted to stay somewhere since Macie is so she will be with Jeremy's mom. I am sure she will have fun all night - reading books (which she LOVES!) and playing house with her babies.

That leaves us home alone. What are you going to do, you ask? Dinner for two? Movies? A date?

Nope. Nope. and Nope.

Finish cleaning! We plan on cleaning the garage and painting it, cleaing the laundry room and painting that, running to Target for some more vacation stuff (They have beach toys in the $1.00 section there!), and hopefully, I can start some packing.

Tomorrow morning, we have a showing at 10:00, and it is a second showing so we really need to clean first and then pack. We will tackle our recycling containers at the recycling center while they show the house. Then home to finish packing.

I have a few post scheduled to post for next week so be sure and check back in. We are taking the laptop so maybe I can post a few pictures as well.

Have a safe Memorial Day Weekend!


April said...

Hey I just wanted to tell you that the Dollar Store has alot of beach toys and I mean ALOT! (well at least I know they do at SC) We have been doing touch up at our too but not for selling obviously and it is a hassle at times isnt it? I mean you dont realize how bad the knicks and stuff are to you really get going and its like good grief how did these all get here but...... well have a good weekend and a safe trip!

Mrs. Dirnberger said...

How exciting!!! Gina is going with me to the winery so we will for sure have a drink together!!!! I don't think its the same Gadberry's..weird...but Hannah GAdberry will get a kick outta of her being a professor..haha.. hopefully see ya tomorrow!