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Wednesday, May 7, 2008

5:00 AM

I thought 5:00 AM was way too early to get up. Once I got out of bed though, it was not that bad. I am pretty energetic right now too. Yesterday, I heard the alarm, told Jeremy is was 5:00, and layed back down.


Today was Day 1 - Back and Chest along with the Abs Ripper. We did back and chest for 50 minutes and my arms feel like a big bowl of spaghetti noodles. A friend of ours started this as well recently and could only do 16 minutes of Day 2 because he was so sore.

I, on the other hand, enjoy the feeling of soreness I get with I bust my butt in the gym. It makes me feel like I am doing something productive.

I have never done so many push ups so I expect to be fairly sore tomorrow! Tonight we plan on doing the Abs Ripper because this morning we didn't have enough time.

I know exercising releases endorphins also so I am hoping this helps me mentally too. I feel like I need a release, I hope that makes sense.

But, so far so good!

Today, I will be leaving work for a bit to go to funeral. My great-uncle passed away earlier in the week, so I am going with my family to the funeral. Rest in Peace Ed.

In other news, today is Day 2 of Macie's school fund raiser for Jessie. My sister and I put our heads together for some ideas. I cannot begin to imagine how much everything costs them the past few months, plus normal maintenance (medicine), physical therapy, doctor visits...etc. I thought that since Macie goes to a private school and Jessie is alumni there, we could have a few 'Dress-Down Days' (DDD) for her. For DDD, we usually have to pay $1 or $2 and it will go to a charity or a good cause, like St. Judes. We are hoping to collect a bit of money for her through this. We know it won't even begin to make a decent dent in the costs of her care, but every little bit helps. We also have her former high school doing the same thing for her. We have a few more ideas that would involve the general public, so I will be sure and keep you all updated on those details, as they become available. If you could only meet Jessie, and see her personality, she really is a riot to be around! She is the type that always makes you laugh and there is never a dull moment! Her laugh is truly contagious!

Jessie was released yesterday! She will be living within minutes of the hospital for the next few months while she undergoes physical therapy among other things. Once she is cleared, she will be able to come home! She will still have to see doctors on a normal basis also, but she is doing great!

If you have any fundraising ideas, please leave me a comment and let me know!

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Alicia said...

50 minutes of arms and back....Wow!!! I don't think I could get through that, way to go! Hope you are not too sore tomorrow.