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Thursday, March 20, 2008

Random Ramblings

Can I just ask you something? Did the midwest do something as a whole to bring this unpredictable weather? Since March 1, we have had snow, ice, more snow, 70 degree weather, and now rain. Not just your ever day rain, but record breaking amounts of rainfall. The local record for rainfall during a 24 hour period was 6". The rain started sometime after midnight on early Tuesday, and as of Wednesday, we had 12.5"! There has been four deaths from the flash flooding. Multiple streets have closed and fields look like lakes. Streams have overflowed and basements are flooded.

Usually, I ignore the flash flooding warnings - just like I did this one. But, just when you think you are experienced (for lack of a better word) enough to distinguish what is dangerous and what is really not dangerous, God laughs in your face and shows you.

On top of that, the power has been out at work. It went out Wednesday morning at 7:30. It just came back on a few minutes ago. School was called off yesterday so that makes Macie out of school until next Wednesday. Oh boy.

Oh, Jeremy bought Enchanted last night. The bedtime conversation went something like this:

Myself: Girls, do you want to lay down in our bed with me and watch Enchanted?

Jeremy: But I wanted to watch it too.

Ha! Ha!

Pictures coming tomorrow!

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