"" Three Ladies and a Dad: You say potato, I say tornado.

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

You say potato, I say tornado.

We had some bad storms at our house last night. I was driving home from voting when I heard that annoying sound come over the radio.

"If you are in.....seek shelter immediately....tornado 3 miles south...."

I raced home as fast as I could. Which actually was not very fast at all because the rain and winds were so bad. I walked into the house and told the girls to come downstairs. Once we were settled in the basement, the tornado sirens went off for the city. About 2 minutes after that, the power went out.

Zoa started crying and said, "Mommy, I am scared of the potato." I consoled her then started laughing. All night long, she asked if there was going to be a potato.

One advantage of having to go to our basement was us making good use of our time down there. We went through a bunch of storage boxes, made a pile of things we need to haul off (Anybody need a broken bicycle?), and tried to organize as best we could. We have everything you would need for a home gym - a whole set of free weight, a StairClimber, a treadmill, an excersise ball, a weight bench, a medicine ball, and who knows what else - and we would like to get that all set up and looking more put together.

But, there was no tornado. Thank God! I just hope Zoa is not scared of potatoes for the rest of her life!

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whitney said...

Lol!! Poor Zoa..