"" Three Ladies and a Dad: Step Two:

Monday, February 18, 2008

Step Two:

The basement is done! We hauled off a truck load of items, chaged the storage area from a corner to under the stairs, swept, and finished our gym. Jeremy put together a bench we boughts months ago for it also. Now, all we have to do is fix our StairMaster and we will be in good shape....no pun intended.

Our next project will be to finish some of the basement. We at least want an office space...somewhere I can go to do my homework, pay bills, etc., and a play room for the girls with some toys. The goal will be to occupy them while Jeremy and I work out.

Zoa's fever came back. She is sleeping on the floor as I type this. I have not taken her temperature yet today, but if she does have one, then I have to take her into the doctor. I called them and they said since today will be Day 6 with a fever, they would need to see her.

We'll see...

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