"" Three Ladies and a Dad: Zoa's Birthday Party, Movies, and Christmas Lights, Oh My!

Monday, December 3, 2007

Zoa's Birthday Party, Movies, and Christmas Lights, Oh My!

Like a mentioned before, Zoa's birthday party was a huge success! The birthday girl requested Diego, balloons, and cupcakes. She was very happy and excited. She kept asking me when we are going to sing Happy Birthday to Zoa? It was so much fun. We had a small crowd which included aunts, uncles, grandparent's, great-grandparent's, cousins, and friends. I only have a few pictures today, so I apologize if you don't see your picture on here. Thank you mom for the spaghetti. It was great! Whitney and dad, thanks for the pictures!

Zoa showing us how old she is.

Zoa's cousin, Ethan.

Big Sister Macie

One more of Zoa!

On another note, our weekend was great! I highly recommend that you see the movie 'Enchanted". Amy Adams is perfect in it and if you have little girls, this movie will not only entertain them, but you as well. Jeremy and I took our girls, plus our niece Havynne. They loved it! I cannot say enough good things about it!

After that, we went to see the house on Kent Street. If you live around my area, you will know what I am talking about. This house set up their Christmas lights to blink to the beat of the music on a certain radio station. It has become something for us to do whenever we pass the area.

That's about all for now! Have a good Monday!

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