"" Three Ladies and a Dad: Happy Birthday Zoa!

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Happy Birthday Zoa!

Dear Zoa,

Today you turn 3. Three! What a fun three years it has been! Ever since you surprised your daddy and I, it has been nothing but fun! You are such a bundle of joy! When you smile, your eyes sparkle. And I really mean sparkle. We have had strangers stop and tell us we should put you in a magazine because of those eyes. I hope you realize one day that you have brought so much happiness into our lives. Macie is so proud to have you as a little sister. And you brought your daddy and I together in ways nobody will ever know.

I remember when we brought you home from the hospital. Your daddy and I looked at each other and thought, "What are we going to do now? We have two. We were scared with one...and now there is two!". I know God must have heard us because you were the best baby. You slept through the night after 2 weeks! Just like we did with Macie, we popped out of bed that first night you slept until morning. We were terrified thinking what we would find. There you were, sleeping safe and sound. You have always liked your sleep. You are our night owl. You like to stay up late and watch movies and sleep until 10:00. Mommy loves that on the weekends!

You helped us realize that health should not be taken for granted. I took you to the doctor and Dr. Connie wanted us to get an X-Ray of your head to make sure nothing was in there that shouldn't be. The results came back and I got a phone call at work. They told me fluid was in between your scull and brain. I melted. I left work. I could not focus. It was one of the most terrifying things we have ever heard. Just as your doctor said it might do, your body absorbed the fluid and nothing ever came of it. I still get tears in my eyes thinking back to that day.

To this day, you still have problems with your head. You're motto should be "Life Hard, Wear a Helmet!". You have had more bumps, bruises, black eyes, a concussion, followed by a hematoma, scrapes, and scratches than any 2 3 year old I know. You must be physically stubborn as well!

I have tried to be extra patient with you. I realized that you may be our last baby and I tried to capture all the memories with you I could when you were oh-so-tiny. Now that you are a big girl, you like to do your own thing. You are such a independent little toddler. You do not care what anyone else is doing. You will do what you want. You love movies and Macie cannot sit still long enough to watch one. It is somewhat comical to watch you two play. Regardless of age, you make the rules.

You have a distinct personality - you know what you want and you want it that exact moment. I hope this trait will be used for your benefit throughout your life. I, myself, has that very same trait. I guess that is something a younger or middle child might have. If there is one trait of mine that I could have passed down, I would have chose this one. It can take you so far in life. Perseverance.

I pray that we have many years together but in this world, nothing is promised. This is why I chose to write these letters to you and Macie. Each year, on your birthday, you will get a letter. Maybe, just maybe, when I am old and gray, we can sit and read them and laugh.

I Love You!



Whitney said...

That brought tears to my eyes! Happy Birthday Zoa.. I love you!!

Tara said...

Ok I just sat here and bawled while i read that! You are just like mom and seem to have a way with words...anyways Happy Birthday Zoa ABigail and we luv you very much!!