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Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Changing and Re-arranging

About a month ago, Jeremy and I bought a new TV. We were at his sister and BIL's house and they just bought a 50" plasma. Jeremy decided right then and there he was going to get one. Something we have always wanted but never just went and bought. And me, being a girl who loves to spend money on anything, reminded him daily about it until we got one.

After we bought the television, we needed a new stand for the TiVo box and DVD player. We were shopping and while shopping for that, started looking at new living room furniture. We were taking second looks at the things we picked out and that is when the 'mom' in me kicked in. Before we get us furniture, we should get the girls new bedroom furniture. *Sigh*

Right then and there, we took on a project. We bought the furniture - two twin beds plus a nightstand along with a dresser and mirror, to be exact. (They share a room now so we can have a toy room.) We bought paint. We bought new bedding. We bought a matress and two box springs. We bought chair rails and crown molding. We bought wall lettering. Oh my. This was beginning to turn into a small fortune.

It is amazing how when you are a parent, you always put your kids first. As parent's, you find joy in getting your children new things. Making sure they have what they need, and in most cases, what they want. I find more joy going to BabyGap than buying myslef something. And the most crazy part of it all is that it just happens. You don't force yourself to give up anything. You don't force anything. You just do, without thinking twice.

I remember as a child how my mom would never go shopping for herself. And my sisters and I would always say, "Go by your outfit mom." I don't need this. But she never did. And I know if my sweet girls could understand all of this, they would tell me to do the same.

But, back to the point of the story...the television has sparked some motivation in our home. Let's paint this, we can add this in this room, we need to get one of these. If I would have know that Jeremy would turn into a guy who who doesn't mind pink and green walls in our daughters' room, we could have bought the television years ago.

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This reminds me of" When you give a mouse a cookie" !LOL