"" Three Ladies and a Dad: Birthday Party!

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Birthday Party!

Last night, our family celebrated Jeremy's birthday. We went out to dinner, and I must say, my kid's have good taste. They chose Shogun and it was delicious! After dinner, Macie and I went home to finish the cake we baked for Jer. Once it was all done, Jeremy and Zoa came home and we all ate dessert after Jeremy and the girls blew out his candle. I was kind of scared since I don't bake often but everything was good. At least Zoa thought so!

I did my usual thing I do when I do bake...instead of adding the oil and eggs and water to the cake mix, add 12 oz of diet soda. That's all! It turns out great every time! You could make a root beer cake with white cake mix and diet root beer, diet sprite in a lemon cake...etc. The options are unlimited!

This week will be a little crazy. We have Zoa's birthday on Thursday. We are not too sure what is going on yet, we just have people saving the date. All we know is she wants Dora and Diego and cupcakes. This was her request. I can't wait for those pictures!

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